Get a Job Abroad has a long line of recruiters that works in all different languages. We understand that moving abroad and getting a new job at the same time can be a major challenge. This is why our recruiters are all people who have had exactly that experience, they are from many different countries, and hopefully this can help you find a person that understands your bachground, language and needs.

We are always ready to help and our freelance recruiters are ready to answer all Questions you might have.

If you have general inquireries please feel free to send us an email:

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We will get in contact with you, and look forward to helping you get the international employees that you are looking for.

Our individual freelance recruiters can be contacted on the following emails:

Danish Kenneth K. Holmborg:

German Daniel Mahrenholz:

Czech & Hebrew: Daniel Salamon:

Swedish & French Jounes Chougui: